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Software Development Engineer I

You are user-focused and thrive in a fast-paced and goal-driven environment. You consider building reliable and capable software to be just the first step in solving user problems. You are confident in building software which works reliably because you’ve made many of the mistakes already. You’d rather ship than over engineer. You have a passion for growing yourself and your teammates and always have your sights set on getting better. You strive to have a positive impact and leave a positive impression on everyone you meet. You want to be a part of building something you can be proud of.


Grand Rapids, MI



What You'll Do

  • Designing sophicsticated decentralized architectures. 

  • Working on system protocols from primitives to higher level code bases.

  • Designing customlibraries for market specfic rollouts.

Skills and Requirements

  • Strong fundamentals with 1 or more years in one of the following: C++, Python, or an open source programming language

  • Strong hands-on experience in object-oriented programming. • Web development using MVC 

  • Full-solution/full-stack design experience

  • Professional LAMP development experience & RDMS 

  • Understanding of a containerized or microservices approach 

  • Knowledge and ability to understand enterprise-level architecture

Who You are

  • Work with your team on feature development during development phases.

  • Look for mentorship opportunities and seek professional development.

  • Deliver tasks on a timely basis and provide development feedback through project management channels.

  • Review and submit pull/push requests for the team’s correlating code base.

  • Be a team player who understands his/her success is determined by the wellbeing and success of the team.

  • Be an advocate for the team and its customers.


  • Work at a fast paced startup environment with no career cap (Why not shoot for an executive position?)

  • Iris sponsored discounts within the city of Grand Rapid ie: breakfast discounts, lunch stipends, etc. 

  • Flexible work week with optional 4/10 schedule. 

  • International sponsorship opportunities for college graduates ie: H1B, Green Card.

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